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An eclectic mix of woodworking projects are detailed, which have resulted from the need for enclosures, housings and other support items needed to complete the various projects detailed on the other pages of this site.

The skills and tools accumulated for these ancillary projects lead to more ambitious endeavours resulting in various woodworking projects aimed solely at producing an item of furniture or of other utility.

Each project includes plans produced using Google Sketchup software with details about implementation and construction notes. The majority of the projects include photographs.

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Category Project Description
Cabinets/Storage Apothecary cabinet/spice rack An apothecary cabinet (or spice rack) which allows standard sealable plastic containers to store/protect contents, but having a timber external frame.
Cabinets/Storage Wine Rack A wine rack for 2 dozen bottles. The design is modular, so additional bottle storage can be added if desired.
Misc/Gift Item Paper Towel Holder A bench top dispenser/holder for rolls of commerical paper towel, in the shape of a heart, which was made as a Mother's Day present.
Misc/Gift Item Trivet Plate (hot dish table protector) A trivet plate is made from a wooden frame and ceramic wall tile. A 'trivet' is a small heat proof plate, that can be put under a hot platter or dish to protect a table.
Misc/Gift Item Recipe Book Holder A recipe book holder, with the back plate in the form of a heart, is made to hold the recipe book open at the desired pages.
Misc/Gift Item Towel Rack/Dryer A towel rack for hanging and drying towels.
Picture Frame Canvas stretcher bar/frame A simple stretcher bar/frame for a picture canvas is constructed from scrap timber. A wooden picture frame to house the stretched and mounted picture is also produced.


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