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Angry Charlie Effect Pedal

The circuit for the "angry charlie" guitar effect pedal is prototyped on breadboard. The various options available, including the 3-band tone stack, are demonstrated.

Check out the Video Section below to hear the pedal output.

The circuit diagram for the JHS Angry Charlie V3 (1) is relatively simple largely based upon a single IC, the LM833 opamp, with a further opamp (TL072) providing voltage buffering. This was chosen as an introductory guitar pedal effect project, more for the learning exercise, but with the potential of producing a high-gain distortion/overdrive effect with a 3-band EQ section.

As mentioned in the "Effects Layouts" blog, the Angry Charlie is " ... pretty much the Crunch Box with a 3-band Baxandall tone stack".

The JHS Pedals site (2) describes the effect pedal as a "high-gain overdrive/distortion that has a British flavor" that:

    • Turns any amp into a screaming Marshall stack
    • Go from bluesy Hendrix-like breakup to high-gain Brit tones with a twist of the Drive knob
    • Drive and Volume control interact the same as a master volume amp head
    • Back off your guitar’s volume to control your gain levels without losing clarity

My experimenting with the "Angry Charlie" is detailed in the various following Sections, and uses my "home-brewed" version of the "Beavis Board" (3), which is a guitar effect pedal development and prototyping board. This approach makes testing/modding guitar effect pedal circuits much quicker while being less error prone and easier to debug.

The Photographs and Video Sections demonstrate my take on the "Angry Charlie" and the various circuit modifications/substitutions I demoed on the guitar effect pedal prototyping board, and various stages of the construction. Schematics and circuit details are also provided in the relevant sections.

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  • Angry Charlie SchematicAngry Charlie Schematic

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    Angry Charlie Schematic

  • Angry Charlie Schematic

  • Angry Charlie BreadboardAngry Charliec Breadboard

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    Angry Charlie Breadboard/p>

  • Angry Charlie Breadboard

This project did not require a PCB.

The construction was done using prototyping board (no final effect pedal was made). See the photographs and schematic diagram sections.

Qty Schematic Part-Reference Value Notes
1R13301/4W, 10% 
1R210K1/4W, 10% 
1POT2, POT3500KPotentiometer
1D1,D2Red LED 
1D31N4148small signal diode 
Integrated Circuits
1U1MPSA13Darlington NPN Transistor 
1SW1SPST switch 
1SW2DPDT switch 
2Z1,Z2Input/Output Socket1/4" 6.35mm Electric Guitar Jacks 

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Check out my YouTube channel for more video's showing the testing of the Angry Charlie effect pedal.

Our YouTube Channel

Video 1: Demo of Angry Charlie Effect Pedal (3-band tone stack)


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